17 and Unders:

Our 17 & Under's are now playing the same night as our 13's and 15's and have had a Positive start to their Spring Season so far. With the recruitment of practically a new team, these girls have combined well and have out scored most of their teams by at least 10 goals each week. This team are playing impressive fast pace netball and a must watch for the Finals. 




The team consists of:


Alicia Marshman 

Meghan Doberman

Zali Rogers

Lily Webber

Darcy Eenjes

Karla Williams

Anna Doberman

Alicia Marshman

Kayla Woodall


Coach- Leonnie Mclusky

Assistant's- Sally Eenjes



Congratulations to our award winners for Autumn Season; B & F Alicia Marshman, R/Up Taylah Buckley, Most Improved Darcie Eenjes.